Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Vertical Gardening: The Polanter Kit 1

The Polanter Kit 1 is a fast, easy, and economical way to get started with vertical gardening. Fast? Yes, because you are looking at under 5 minutes to assemble this vertical garden without using any tools. Easy? Yes, because you will find the Polanter easy to assemble and easy to maintain. The Polanter has a built in watering system that automatically ensures that water is distributed throughout the gardening ecosystem. present a large bounty of beautiful flowers, herbs, or strawberries etc.  Keeping potted plants watered has been a drawback of hanging baskets and other planters that have been placed in high or hard to reach places. In the past it has taken a lot of effort and been a messy undertaking, getting yourself and everything around the planter wet. The unique watering system built into the Polanter makes it easy to keep it watered. The units can be stacked end to end to make a longer cylindrical pole. When the plants grow in and spread out, you have a gorgeous colorful display of verdant beauty. The Polanter Kit 1 is 21" tall and holds 12 plants.

The Polanter is one of the numerous vertical gardening ideas available at Vertical Gardening Systems.

Vertical Gardening: The Fun, Easy Way

Is it even a possibility that every home gardener does not love vertical gardening? We don't think so. But it is realistic to suspect that some home gardeners do not want to expend the time and effort required to build a diy vertical garden. For gardeners who are looking to build a diy vertical garden the fun and easy way, we have a great solution for you.

Many vertical gardening kits allow gardeners to build a vertical garden in a matter of minutes. Take, for instance, the Flower Tower freestanding vertical gardening kit, if you follow the vertical gardening kit instructions and your garden can be fully assembled in 5 minutes or less without the use of any tools. The Flower Tower has 30 planting holes and stands 34 inches tall. So a gardener could choose up to 30 different flowers to plant in the Flower Tower (assuming that she does not combine plant types in a single hole).

There are quite a few other options available for the diy vertical gardener. The Bright Green vertical planter is an easy way to create a living wall without having to build your own containers. Each Bright Green kit has 10 container cells, measuring 8.5”W x 18”L x 4”D. Each container cell can be hung separately or in groups using brackets that are included with the kit. Moreover, Each cell is lined with a moisture mat which helps ensure that the plants will receive adequate water in each container cell. So the Bright Green is not only easy to install but it is easy to maintain.

These are but a few of the options for building a diy vertical garden using gardening kits. If you check around you are bound to find a vertical gardening kit that are consistent with your vertical gardening ideas. Plus, you will save time and money in the process.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

GroVert Vertical Garden

GroVert Vertical Garden panels are a great way to get started with vertical gardening. The GroVert system allows you to grow an individual plant in a single container cell or seamlessly combine several cells with as many plants as you like. You can create a living wall that is as big as your vertical gardening idea! 
Not only will you enjoy the beauty of your GroVert garden panel but you will love that it makes your gardening low maintenance. Each GroVert Planter includes a moisture mat which ensures that water is evenly distributed throughout the gardening system. All you have to do is water from the top and the water will slowly drip throughout the system until the entire panel is watered. There is versatility in the configuration of the panels. You can place a GroVert Vertical Wall panel directly over another and the water will flow down from top to bottom. Or you can install an automatic watering system with a drip-line. If you prefer to hand-water your planters, there is an optional garden irrigation system that is available.   
The GroVert Vertical Garden panel dimensions are an ideal size for most types of plants, measuring 18" high x 8.5" wide x 4"deep. Each panel includes a mounting bracket and can be hung as easily as a photograph frame. Each GroVert planter contains 10 cells with each being large enough to accommodate a plant from a 4" pot.
So go ahead and get your vertical garden stated with the GroVert Vertical Gardening system. You are going to love it!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Vertical Vegetable Gardening: DIY

Vertical gardening offers great benefits for gardeners who want to plant a vertical vegetable garden. Besides requiring less water and fertilizers, vertical gardens require less maintenance. In addition, you will not have to deal with weeds, pests and diseases because plants grown vertically have much better air circulation around the foliage. Plus, your plants will avoid contact with the soil and soil related diseases. Your fruit with thank you and be less prone to blemishes.

One of the easiest ways to get started with a vertical vegetable garden is to purchase a vertical gardening kit. These kits allow plants to be grown on all most any vertical surface, including walls. Many vertical gardening kits have built in watering and irrigation systems so all you have to do is add water to a watering tank and the system automatically waters your vegetables. This will obviously save you much time and energy, because you do not have to worry about spills and inadequate water flow.

Using a vertical gardening kit, you can grow anything from peas, pole beans, cucumbers, small melons, tomatoes, summer and winter squashes. You could even grow vegetables that you would not ordinarily associate with a vertical garden, including carrots, eggplants, lettuce, peppers, potatoes, radishes and spinach.  All that is required is a container garden and a little patience.

So get started with your vertical vegetable garden today. It is something you will not regret!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

How to Build A Vertical Garden Without Home Depot

For some of us, having to go to Home Depot to build a diy vertical garden is like adding insult to injury. We did not want to actually build a vertical garden from scratch in the first place - that's number one.  And for number two, we do not want to drive to home depot and spend the entire day hunting for vertical gardening parts. (Nothing against Home Depot - a great store.)

But the most sensible way to build a diy vertical garden is to use a vertical gardening kit. Why? Vertical gardening kits are inexpensive, easy to assemble, and most importantly, they work. Using a vertical gardening kit, you can assemble your garden in a matter of minutes and save time and money.  For example, with the Verti Garden system, you can create a lovely vertical garden in no time at all. Simply install the planter on a vertical surface using the included brackets and plant your flowers. A water tank is available as an optional accessory to the Verti Garden - which means maintenance will be quite easy.

The Verti Garden is just the tip of a very large ice berg, as there are many gardening kits available that can ease a gardener's burden when building his garden.  Another example is the Geo Pot pocket planter.  The Geo Pot allows gardeners to plant inside of a fabric like container garden and to hang the pot against any wall, fence or other vertical surface.  Again, with this garden you will not need to go looking for parts or installation help.  It very simple to use and you are going to love how your plants grow and look inside.

So before you spend all of your valuable time trying to build a vertical garden from scratch, be sure to consider a vertical gardening kit.

DIY Vertical Gardening Ideas

A many gardener has scoured the Earth looking for the best diy vertical gardening ideas. I continue to believe that the best diy vertical gardening ideas will always start and end with the plants, not the vertical garden infrastructure. For that reason, I am a strong advocate of the usage of vertical gardening kits, instead of some Home Depot vertical garden that's made from scratch. By using a vertical gardening kit, you save yourself the time (and possible headache) associated with searching for parts and assembling them. Instead, you time is better focused on selecting the plants you want to use and the appropriate design for your garden. With that said, here are a few of my favorite vertical gardening kits:

1.  Flower Tower (freestanding)

The beauty of the Flower Tower is is simplicity and that it makes your plants the star. Just follow the vertical gardening kit instructions and you should be able to fully assemble your Flower Tower within 5 minutes. As you can see from the above photograph, the Flower Tower allows you to create beautiful, blossoming plants.

2.  Lechuza Trio Cottage

One of the reasons, I love the Lechuza Trio Cottage is because it gives you the "big plant" vertical gardening experience with ease of maintenance. You can plant larger, vining plants in the Lechuza and get all of the benefits of a large vertical gardening kit. Your plants can be easily moved around to create privacy or to add a sense of style to a walk way.  Plus, the Lechuza includes a built in irrigation system, which will make watering and maintenance easy.

3.  Wall Garden

With the Wall Garden grow vertical garden, you will be able to easily transform the most boring wall into a breathing, living wall - robust with plant life. The Wall Garden can be attached to virtually any vertical surface with just a few screws. What a time-saver!