Monday, August 26, 2013

The Professional's Guide to The Bright Green Grovert Vertical Gardening System

A huge emerging architectural trend is the design of building structures that incorporate the use of vertical gardens.  Whether inside or outside, vertical gardens provide substantial benefits to both commercial and residential property owners alike.  First and foremost, vertical gardens create a pleasing and calming environment.  Vertical gardens also have an added benefit of enhancing privacy.  Not only do vertical gardens help reduce echos and other noises, they can also have the added benefit of reducing visibility in areas that a property owner desires to keep more private.  The above benefits can serve to reduce stress, make the property more useful/enjoyable - and perhaps ultimately increase the property commercial value. 

A pre-fabricated vertical gardening system is the most inexpensive and efficient way to go about designing a vertical garden because these systems contain all the parts needed to create a garden and do not require any special tools or expertise to assemble.  Of particular note are BrightGreen vertical gardening systems.

Double Bright Green Grovert (BG8) with Frame
Double Bright Green GroVert with Frame
BrightGreen is a leading vertical garden manufacturer based in Michigan.  BrightGreen's GroVert Living Wall Planter is popular among  architects and do it yourself homeowners.  The GroVert planter features ease of use and versatility.  All that is required to install the planter is the mounting of a bracket, filling the garden container with plants and hanging the container.  And speaking of versatility, BrightGreen's GroVert planter can be clustered to create unique designs, such as corporate logos or customized designed accents.  The GroVert can be accessorized with a variety of accessories including the GroVert Irrigator, Collector tray, or the wood frame surround.

Anyone engaged in real estate development, whether as an architect, interior designer, or a do it yourself homeowner, should consider incorporating a virtual garden in their projects.  The benefits strongly outweigh the costs.

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