Monday, September 30, 2013

Pamela Crawford Living Wall Planter

Simply put, the Pamela Crawford Living Wall Planter allows you to create and frame stunningly beautiful vertical gardens on your wall. The only limit on the beauty of your vertical gardening creation is your imagination. 

The Pamela Crawford Living Wall Planter feature 15 flexible holes, measuring 14"W x 14"H x 5"D, that fit a variety of standard nursery plants (2.5" to 4.5" roots). If hung individually, the Living Wall Planter holds nine front plants, six side plants, and three top edging plants for a total of 18 plants. The planter is ideal for succulents, foliage dracaena, and annuals.  The planter comes with hangers that allow each planting cell to be hung alone or as a group. 

The Pamela Crawford Living Wall Planter can be purchased online from Vertical Gardening Systems.

Triolife 3 Tier Vertical Planter: Three Times A Planter

The Triolife 3 Tier Vertical Planter is a free standing vertical garden that is perfect for gardeners that have small spaces. The Triolife Plant uses an innovative pyramid system that allows gardeners to vertically plant practically any type of garden desired - everything from herbs, veggies and ornamental flowers. Triolife planters are made of premium Western Red Cedar - a durable and attractive wood.

The Triolife has a number of advantages over typical vertical gardening systems. First, the Triolife's patented design allows your plant to reach their maximum growth potential because the plant roots are not restricted as is the case with ordinary container gardens. Another unique feature of the Triolife Planter is that when you point one corner of the planter to the north, all plants in the planter get equal sunlight.

The 3 shelf Triolife plant pyramid is ideal for patio gardens, offering nearly 15 sq.ft. of garden area in only 4.2 sq ft of space. The Triolife level 3 dimensions are 35"L x 35"W x 24"H. The 5 shelf Triolife plant pyramid is great for yards, decks, or patios, offering 36 sq. ft. of garden area in only 6.5 sq. ft. of space, with a dimension of 47" x 47" x 47". The Triolife is available for purchase from Vertical Gardening Systems.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Gardening for Beginners

 Flower gardening for beginners need not be complicated or intimidating. One of the best gardening ideas for beginners is a container garden.With a container garden, your plants are planted in a container system. This allows gardeners to plant their garden anywhere they can take their container. So you could have a patio garden, a garden on the front lawn, or inside in your home.

It is not necessary to be a diy gardener and to purchase vertical gardening tools from Home Depot. You can get a complete vertical gardening kit online that comes with vertical gardening instructions and takes less than 10 minutes to assemble. The point being this: container gardening for beginners does not have to be difficult or time consuming.  A vertical gardening kit will give you all of the joy of growing your own gardening without the unnecessary headache of building a vertical garden from scratch. Your vertical gardening ideas can be implemented using a vertical gardening kit because the the centerpiece of any great garden is always the plants - not the container.

The Garden-Aire HugIt: One of the Freshest Gardening Ideas Around


If you are looking for a gardening idea that will easily and conveniently make your home more beautiful, you need not look any further than the Garden-Aire HugIt vertical gardening kit. The Garden-Aire HugIt is an economical and attractive way to spruce up any window, pillar, mailbox post, tree, utility pole or light post.

 The Garden-Aire HugIt is a planter that easily attaches to any vertical post or pole. The vertical garden kit instructions are very simple and no tools are needed for installation. Just attach the adjustable strap to a pole and the Garden-Aire's bracket will securely hold the included three gallon capacity planter. Home gardeners will love planting and growing flowers, herbs or foliage in the Garden-Aire. A great feature of the Garden-Aire is that it includes an integrated water management system, which not only makes watering the planter easy, but it also routes excess water away from post.

So if you are looking for a great vertical gardening idea, you should strongly consider the Grden Aire HugIt! It's a simple way to create a beautiful vertical garden.

Monday, September 16, 2013

How to Build a Flower Tower Without Building a Flower Tower

Without question, vertical gardens are a work of art.  They are a great way to enhance the beauty of any space, whether residential or commercial.  But let's face it - we all do not have the desire to actually go out and design and build our own flower tower from scratch at Home Depot.  Many of us do not have the time it takes for such a seemingly demanding task.  But we really want to build our own flower tower - without actually building our own flower tower.

Well there is a solution for this dilemma. It is the flower tower freestanding planter. This diy flower tower, does not require you to do it yourself.  Simply purchase a freestanding flower tower kit. Freestanding flower tower kits come with simple to follow flower tower instructions and can be assembled with little or no tools.  When you finish assembly, select the best flowers you can find for your flower tower and plant them.  This entire process takes less than ten minutes and you will get the same stunning results as anyone buying a diy flower tower using supplies from Home Depot or Lowes.

So let someone else do all the hard flower tower construction work for you. You can spend your time actually enjoying the beauty of your vertical garden.