Monday, September 30, 2013

Triolife 3 Tier Vertical Planter: Three Times A Planter

The Triolife 3 Tier Vertical Planter is a free standing vertical garden that is perfect for gardeners that have small spaces. The Triolife Plant uses an innovative pyramid system that allows gardeners to vertically plant practically any type of garden desired - everything from herbs, veggies and ornamental flowers. Triolife planters are made of premium Western Red Cedar - a durable and attractive wood.

The Triolife has a number of advantages over typical vertical gardening systems. First, the Triolife's patented design allows your plant to reach their maximum growth potential because the plant roots are not restricted as is the case with ordinary container gardens. Another unique feature of the Triolife Planter is that when you point one corner of the planter to the north, all plants in the planter get equal sunlight.

The 3 shelf Triolife plant pyramid is ideal for patio gardens, offering nearly 15 sq.ft. of garden area in only 4.2 sq ft of space. The Triolife level 3 dimensions are 35"L x 35"W x 24"H. The 5 shelf Triolife plant pyramid is great for yards, decks, or patios, offering 36 sq. ft. of garden area in only 6.5 sq. ft. of space, with a dimension of 47" x 47" x 47". The Triolife is available for purchase from Vertical Gardening Systems.

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